Dry Ice Pelletizer for 3-19mm Dry Ice Pellets

dry ice pelletizer

Shuliy Machinery’s dry ice pelletizer machine plays an important role in the dry ice industry. Our dry ice machine is very popular in the world and has a wide market and good reputation in the world market. Our dry ice pellet maker is always exported, such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Russia, etc. If you want to know more about Shuliy’s dry ice machine, contact Shuliy now for more details about the dry ice pellet maker.

Working video of Shuliy dry ice pelletizers: how do you make dry ice pellets?

dry ice granular machine working video

What is a dry ice pelletizer?

Shuliy dry ice pelletizer machine is equipment to produce dry ice pellets of different sizes and shapes, with the raw materials of liquid CO₂. The dry ice pellet making machine can produce dry ice pellets of 3-19mm sizes. The capacity ranges from 50-500kg, the matched dry ice granular machine is shown as below:

Also, we offer a wide range of dry ice pelletizer models to meet the needs of different customers. Our dry ice pelletizer adopts international advanced technology, which can ensure the uniformity and consistency of the pellets, effectively improving the production efficiency and dry ice utilization rate.

Applications of dry ice pellet maker

Shuliy dry ice production machine is used in a wide range of applications, mainly in the following areas:

applications of dry ice pelletizer
applications of dry ice pelletizer

Medical industry: dry ice pellets can be used to make frozen ice packs for first aid treatment of swollen wounds, fractures, etc.

Food industry: dry ice pellets can be used to freeze food to keep it fresh and tasty, and they can also be used to cool down quickly and make ice cream, etc.

Logistics industry: dry ice can be used in cold chain logistics to maintain the low-temperature status of goods and ensure the quality and safety of goods.

Stage scenery: dry ice pellets are used during the performance to create a nice atmosphere.

Cleaning industry: pellet dry ice can be used as raw materials for the dry ice blasting machine to clean pipes, surfaces, paints, etc.

How does a dry ice pelletizer work?

When Shuliy’s dry ice granular machine produces dry ice pellets, there are usually several steps:

Step 1: Compressed CO₂

First, the liquid CO₂ is compressed by a compressor to convert it into a high-pressure gas state.

Step 2: Condensing CO₂

The high-pressure gas is condensed through a condenser to convert it into liquid CO₂.

Step 3: Expansion refrigeration

The liquid CO₂ is expanded through an expansion valve to dramatically reduce temperature and convert into solid CO₂.

Step 4: Cutting dry ice

The solid carbon dioxide is cut into dry ice pellets of the required size by a cutting machine.

Accessories for dry ice granular machine

accessories for dry ice pellet machine
accessories for dry ice pellet machine

As shown in the picture above, the accessories of the dry ice pelletizer machine: mold (one mold for one type of pellet), switch, button, indicator, and pressure gauge. When you purchase a dry ice machine, you can purchase the appropriate accessories as needed to ensure that your machine is used smoothly.

Advantages of Shuliy dry ice machine for pellets making

Innovative technology: The dry ice pellet maker uses an advanced refrigeration process and innovative technology to ensure efficient and reliable dry ice pellet production. Whether you need fine pellets or large pellets, the machine can easily handle your needs.

Flexibility and customization: Dry ice pelletizer for sale can be customized to meet your specific requirements. You can adjust the size, shape and yield of your pellets to suit different application scenarios. This flexibility will ensure that you get exactly the desired dry ice pellets.

Efficient production: The dry ice pellet maker is known for its efficient production capacity. Its ability to quickly convert liquid carbon dioxide into solid dry ice pellets provides consistent and stable throughput, ensuring that your production line is not interrupted, resulting in increased productivity.

Environmentally friendly and safe: Production with the dry ice pelletizer does not produce any hazardous waste, and it uses carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, eliminating the need for chemicals. This not only meets environmental requirements, but also ensures a safe and reliable operation.

Wide range of applications: Shuliy dry ice pelletizer has a wide range of applications in food, medicine, scientific experiments and logistics. Whether it is food freezing, laboratory research or cold chain logistics, it provides the ideal dry ice pellet solution.

Shuliy Machinery: professional dry ice machine manufacturer & supplier

As a professional dry ice machinery manufacturer, our dry ice pelletizer not only has excellent performance, but also has a very reasonable price. We provide a full range of services, including pre-sales consultation, after-sales service and technical support to ensure our customers have the best experience when using our products.

dry ice machine manufacturer
dry ice machine manufacturer

By choosing Shuliy Machinery’s dry ice pelletizer machine, you can enjoy high quality, high efficiency, cost-effective products and professional technical support to make your production more efficient, stable and safe. Now contact our sales team for more details!

How about the dry ice pelletizer price?

The dry ice pelletizer machine price is influenced by several factors, such as production capacity, supplier, pellets to be produced, machine materials, configuration, budget, etc. You should pay attention to your needs when choosing one. And you can tell us your requirements and our professionals will provide you with the best solution.

How long do dry ice pellets last?

Typically, dry ice pellets have a retention time of approximately 2-3 days. However, environmental conditions, packaging methods and storage methods can all have an impact on retention time. Therefore, we have dry ice heat preservation boxes to extend the storage time of dry ice pellets. If want more information, welcome to contact me at any time!

Successful cases of Shuliy dry ice pelletizer export worldwide

Shuliy Machinery’s dry ice pelletizer machine is very popular in the global market, not only popular with Chinese customers, but also exported to many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Russia, USA, India and so on. Our dry ice pellet machine is well-known and patented for its excellent performance and reliability.

To meet the needs of different countries and regions, we offer a variety of dry ice granular machines. No matter what output machine is needed, we can provide the best solution. So, come and contact me for more information about the dry ice maker!

Technical parameters of Shuliy dry ice pelletizer machine for sale

Dry ice density(kg/m³)155015501550155015501550
Conversion ratio≥42%≥42%≥42%≥42%≥42%≥42%
pellet dry ice machine parameters

From the above table, the dry ice pelletizer has a capacity of 50kg/h-500kg/h, and the smallest model SL-50 can produce 3-16mm dry ice pellets, while the other models can produce 3-19mm. And the conversion ratio is more than 42%. Also, we have bigger capacities for dry ice pellets production. If you’re interested in this dry ice pelletizer machine, contact me now and we’ll provide the best solution!

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