Dry Ice Pellet Maker for Mass Dry Ice Pellets Production

dry ice pellet maker

This dry ice pellet maker is a highly efficient machine for the production of large quantities of dry ice pellets, with a capacity of 200-500kg/h, producing 3-19mm dry ice pellets. Its features include precise control of pellet size and high-quality dry ice pellet production for a wide range of applications. Its unique feature is the dual head design, which further accelerates capacity and meets the needs of different sizes. And this dry ice machine is widely sold in many countries, providing a reliable solution for global dry ice pellet production.

Working video of dry ice pellet maker

dry ice machine working video

Why adopt the double-head outlets design for dry ice pellet maker?

The main reason for the dry ice making machine with a dual head design is that it can significantly increase production capacity. By running two working heads at the same time, this unique design can take productivity to the next level.

dry ice pellet maker for sale
dry ice pellet maker for sale

In the same amount of time, a dual-head dry ice pellet maker is able to produce more dry ice pellets to meet high production demands. The beauty of this design is that it takes full advantage of the equipment’s effectiveness to maximize productivity. Whether it’s industrial production or large-scale needs, the dual-head design of the dry ice pelletizer provides an efficient and reliable solution.

Final products: dry ice pellets

As an advanced freezing material, dry ice pellets are favored for their unique features such as zero residue, low-temperature maintenance and no pollution. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also significantly improves efficiency, making it an indispensable choice for modern cold chain and cleaning.

Advantages of dry ice pellet maker for sale

High capacity: The dual-head design allows for two simultaneous production processes, taking productivity to a new level. This means more dry ice pellets can be produced in the same amount of time, meeting large-scale production requirements.

Resource savings: Due to higher capacity and efficiency, the dual head design of the dry ice pellet machine is able to produce more pellets in the same amount of time, resulting in less wasted resources and more efficient production.

Multiple applications: The high capacity and efficiency of the machine allow it to be used in a wide range of applications, including the food cold chain, pharmaceutical transportation, dry ice cleaning, and more.

Strong adaptability: The dual-head design makes the dry ice pellet maker more adaptable, able to meet different production requirements, from small-scale to large-scale production.

Technical data of dry ice pellet machine

Dry ice density(kg/m³)155015501550
Liquid to solid CO2 conversion ratio≥42%≥42%≥42%
dry ice pellet maker parameters

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