This Albanian client often imports items from China to help his end customers purchase goods. This time it was the same situation, his end customer wanted a small dry ice pellet maker to produce dry ice pellets for sale and dry ice reservation boxes to store the pellets.

Since he is a middleman, he pays more attention to the machine focusing on the quality of dry ice pellets, cost-effectiveness and after-sales service. And since he often imports from China, he has his own cooperative Chinese agent, so we just need to deliver the machine to the port.

Shuliy small pellet dry ice maker
Shuliy small pellet dry ice maker

Reasons for choosing Shuliy dry ice maker

small dry ice pellet maker
small dry ice pellet maker for sale

Testing machine quality and performance

Before sending the machine to the port, we tested our machine and showed it to our customer for confirmation.

testing video of dry ice machine

Package and deliver small dry ice pellet maker to Albania

Usually, we will pack the machine in wooden crates and then ship the machine to its destination via freight. In this case, the machine is also packed in wooden crates, and after that, the machine is delivered to the inland port.

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