Dry ice pellet machine cost analysis

dry ice pellet machine cost

For dry ice pellet machine cost analysis, you need to know affecting price factors, machine cost-effectiveness, and we also give purchase advice.

Quality dry ice pellet maker UK brings new scenes

dry ice pellet maker uk

Our dry ice pellet maker UK has once again demonstrated its leadership position in the international market. This state-of-the-art machine meets the urgent need for large-scale dry ice pellets across a wide range of industries in the UK with its exceptional production capacity and superior product quality. Our dry ice pelleting machine excels both in […]

40-50kg/h dry ice granulator in Poland helps its industry

dry ice granulator

Recently, a customer in Poland sought superior solutions for his industrial needs and chose Shuliy’s dry ice granulator and cleaning equipment. These powerful machines were customized to his specifications, meeting electrical requirements of 400 volts, 50 Hz and three-phase settings for optimal performance. Customized Shuliy dry ice machine for Poland Dry ice granulator for pellet […]

Kosovo customer bought dry ice pellet machine

dry ice pellet machine

In 2023, a business owner in Kosovo learned about the dry ice pellet machine online and became interested in their application. After careful research, he decided to purchase a dry ice pelleting machine and a dry ice cleaning machine for his business. Background of the Kosovo customer This customer’s business is a food processing plant […]

New-type Dry Ice Granular Machine

dry ice granular machine

This dry ice granular machine is specially designed to produce mass dry ice pellets ranging from Φ3-19mm. It can produce dry ice pellets with a capacity of 500kg per hour. This dry ice machine features precise pellet size control, high production capacity and advanced technology. Whether it’s for the food cold chain, dry ice cleaning […]

Dry Ice Pellet Maker for Mass Dry Ice Pellets Production

dry ice pellet maker

This dry ice pellet maker is a highly efficient machine for the production of large quantities of dry ice pellets, with a capacity of 200-500kg/h, producing 3-19mm dry ice pellets. Its features include precise control of pellet size and high-quality dry ice pellet production for a wide range of applications. Its unique feature is the […]