dry ice pelletizer machine
dry ice pelletizer machine

Congratulations to SHULIY! One customer from Oman purchased the dry ice pelletizer machine because of its advanced technology, innovative design, flexible operating interface and precise control system.

Why buy the dry ice pelletizer machine for Oman?

This Omani customer has a large company focused on the natural gas industry and realized that dry ice plays an important role in his operations, especially in pipeline maintenance and cleaning. To meet the growing demand for dry ice, he decided to purchase a professional dry ice pellet machine from Shuliy.

This Omani customer’s gas company is able to achieve self-sufficient dry ice production by purchasing a dry ice pelletizer machine from Shuliy Machinery. He can produce as many dry ice pellets as needed to support pipeline maintenance, cleaning and other related tasks.

Package and delivery of the dry ice pelletizer to Oman

We use sturdy packaging materials to prevent damage to the dry ice pelletizer machine. Protect the equipment from moisture and dust by sealing treatment We work with reliable logistics partners to choose the right shipping method to ensure that the equipment reaches its destination on time. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable solutions to ensure that dry ice pellet machines are safe and worry-free during transportation.

Feedback from the Omani customer about the dry ice pellet machine

The customer is very satisfied with our dry ice pelletizer machine and said that the production efficiency and quality of the equipment are excellent. Also, the customer said that he will continue to choose us as his supplier of the dry ice production machine.

Machine parameters for Oman

Dry ice making machineModel: SL-50
Capacity: 50kg/h
Dry ice size: 3mm dry ice pellets
Dry ice density: 1550kg/m³
Weight: 200kg
Machine size: 100×50×100cm
1 set
SL-50 dry ice pelletizer parameters

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