We are a professional manufacturer of dry ice machines, dedicated to providing high-quality dry ice production equipment to customers worldwide. With an advanced production process and professional team, we are committed to R&D and innovation to meet the needs of different industries. Our factory facilities are modernized with advanced equipment and a strict quality control system to ensure the production of high-quality and reliable dry ice machines.

Hot-selling dry ice machines

We offer many types of dry ice machines, including dry ice pellet machine, dry ice block machine and dry ice cleaning machine. Our products are efficient, reliable and safe, and are widely used in food cold chain, pharmaceutical preservation, cleaning and disinfection, etc. We are committed to providing customized solutions to meet the needs of different industries.

As a professional manufacturer of dry ice machines, we always insist on customer-oriented, continuous innovation and product quality improvement. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our global customers and providing them with reliable dry ice production equipment and excellent after-sales service. Welcome to contact us to learn more about our products and services.


Our dry ice machine products have undergone rigorous quality testing and certification with relevant certificates and approvals. Our products comply with international standards and are certified by quality management systems. These certificates and approvals are our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Worldwide customers feedback

Our customers give positive comments about our products and services. They recognize the efficiency, reliability and durability of our dry ice machines. Customer satisfaction is our constant goal, and we will continue to provide our customers with quality products and excellent service.