Dry Ice Block Machine for Dry Ice Production

dry ice block machine

Shuliy dry ice block machine is one of the dry ice machines, mainly to generate solid dry ice blocks in various sizes. It uses liquid carbon dioxide to transform it into solid blocks of dry ice through a process of compression and cooling. These blocks of dry ice have low temperature and fast cooling properties and are widely used in the refrigeration and transportation industries, as well as in special effects production.

Video of Shuliy dry ice block machine for sale: how to make dry ice blocks?

What is the dry ice block size?

Shulyi dry ice block machine has flexible size adjustments to meet the needs of different applications.

Fine control: The shaped dry ice machine allows fine control of the size and thickness of the dry ice blocks. By adjusting the parameters and settings of the machine, different sizes and thicknesses of dry ice blocks can be produced. This fine control allows the block dry ice to be adapted to a variety of application scenarios, from small refrigeration needs to large-scale special effect productions.

Customization options: Depending on the customer’s needs, dry ice cubes can be custom manufactured to meet specific size requirements. Whether you need a larger block size for food transport or a smaller block size for special effects, block dry ice machines can be adapted and customized to meet your requirements.

Types of dry ice machine for block production

From the appearance, our dry ice block machine is the above two shapes, the first one is stainless steel, and the second one is a custom-made model. And our dry ice cube machine has three models in total, SL-120, SL-240, and SL-500. where SL-500 is a custom-made machine, the machine is just like the second one.

Besides, we also have dry ice granular machine, dry ice cleaning machine, dry ice heat preservation box, dry ice production line, etc. if you’re interested, welcome to contact me for more details!

Applications of commercial dry ice block maker machine

applications of dry ice block machine
applications of dry ice block machine

Refrigeration & Logistics: Keeps food and medical drugs cold to ensure freshness and safety.

Special Effects: Provide stunning freezing effects for stage shows, film productions and special effects.

Cleaning & Maintenance: For cleaning equipment, pipes and surfaces, removing dirt and grease.

Working principle of industrial dry ice machine for block dry ice production

By working at low temperatures and high pressure, the dry ice block machine is able to efficiently convert liquid carbon dioxide into solid dry ice blocks, providing freezing solutions for various industries.

First, liquid carbon dioxide is introduced into the compression chamber of the block dry ice machine. In the compression chamber, the liquid carbon dioxide is compressed to create a high-pressure state.

Next, the high-pressure liquid carbon dioxide is cooled down by a heat transfer unit. In the heat transfer unit, the temperature of the liquid carbon dioxide is gradually reduced to a temperature close to or below the critical temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius.

When the temperature of the liquid carbon dioxide reaches the critical temperature, it rapidly transforms into solid dry ice without first changing to a gaseous state. This process is called “depressurization”. When high-pressure liquid carbon dioxide expands under reduced pressure, it rapidly expands in volume to form a solid block of dry ice.

Advantages of Shuliy dry ice block machine

Efficient production: The dry ice block machine has the ability to produce dry ice blocks quickly and improve production efficiency.

Environmental protection and safety: No chemical residues, in line with environmental protection standards, safe and reliable to use.

Customized solutions: customized dry ice block sizes and packaging methods are available according to customer needs.

High-quality materials: 304 stainless steel materials are used to make the dry ice block machine.

High conversion rate: over 43.5% conversion rate for making dry ice cubes.

The dry ice maker is popular worldwide for its outstanding performance and reliability, making it one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment in many industries. With a dry ice block machine, you can quickly and easily produce dry ice blocks that meet your needs for freezing and holding.

How long does a block of dry ice last?

The duration of dry ice cubes depends on several factors, including environmental conditions and how they are used. Generally, dry ice cubes last approximately 24 to 48 hours at room temperature. In colder environments, such as refrigerated or frozen containers, dry ice blocks can last longer, usually up to 2 to 3 days or longer. The duration also depends on the size and thickness of the dry ice block.

dry ice cubes
dry ice cubes

As a dry ice cube gradually converts to a gas, it gradually decreases in volume. Therefore, when using dry ice cubes, it is recommended to plan and manage accordingly to the desired duration and freezing requirements.

Cases of Shuliy dry ice machine for sale: exporting freezing solutions to the world

Shuliy Machinery, a leading manufacturer of dry ice equipment, is committed to providing superior refrigeration solutions around the world. Our dry ice block machine has gained wide recognition and application worldwide. For example, our dry ice generator has been successfully used in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Russia, the USA and India.

We work with international customers to provide efficient freezing solutions for their cold chain logistics to ensure food freshness, as well as advanced dry ice technology support for special effects and industrial cleaning applications. Shuliy Machinery has established a reputation for outstanding performance and reliability in the global market, providing customers with comprehensive freezing solutions.

Technical parameters of Shuliy dry ice block machine for sale

Dry ice density(kg/m³)15501450-15501300-1500
Conversion ratio≥43.5%≥43.5%≥43.5%
block dry ice machine parameters

According to the above table, the dry ice block machine has a production capacity of 120-500kg/h. And 500kg/h dry ice block making machine is customized based on your needs. One thing to attention is that the thickness of the dry ice block is adjustable. So, if you’re interested, please contact me for more machine details!

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