Industrial dry ice making machine for sale

dry ice production machine

This dry ice production machine is advanced equipment that makes firm dry ice cubes by extruding dry ice pellets. It is known for its high efficiency and controllability to meet the needs of various industrial and manufacturing sectors. This dry ice pellet briquetting machine is often used in production lines for large-scale production, and is well suited to the needs of large corporations that produce large quantities of dry ice cubes.

How to use this dry ice production machine?

To effectively utilize this dry ice producer, it is often integrated into a dry ice pellet-to-block production line. This is a short guide:

Setup and calibration

Start by setting up the machine in your production area. Make sure it is properly calibrated and connected to the pellet-to-block line.


Add dry ice pellets to the designated hopper or filler connected to the machine. Ensure a continuous, even supply of pellets.

Operating parameters

Configure the machine’s operating parameters, such as pressure, temperature and compression settings, according to your specific requirements and the type of dry ice you intend to produce.

Starting the machine

Start the machine running and it will begin the process of compressing the dry ice pellets into solid blocks.

Quality control

Regularly monitor the quality and size of the dry ice cubes produced. If necessary, adjust machine settings to maintain consistency.


Perform routine maintenance, including cleaning and inspecting the machine to ensure it is running efficiently and safely.

How does the dry ice maker work from CO2?

The dry ice production machine uses dry ice pellets for the production of dry ice. But how do you produce dry ice using liquid carbon dioxide (CO2)? Read more:

Liquefied CO2 supply

Firstly, liquid CO2 is compressed and stored to provide the necessary pressure and a stable supply.

Dry ice pellets making

As the raw material of this dry ice making machine is dry ice pellets, it is necessary to produce CO2 liquid into pellets of dry ice with sizes 3-19mm and adjustable lengths through the dry ice pellet machine.

Dry ice blocks making

These small particles of dry ice enter the compression chamber, where they are extruded at high pressure into firm dry ice cubes or pellets, which are moulded into different shapes as required.

Packaging and storage

Finally, the dry ice cubes are typically packaged and stored for use or transport.

Do you know the dry ice production machine price?

dry ice production machine price
dry ice production machine price

The price of a dry ice making machine is affected by a number of factors, including capacity, technical features, brand and market area. If you want to buy a cost-effective dry ice machine, contact us and we will provide you with the optimal solution.

Features of dry ice production machine

  • High-efficiency production, automatic operation, various sizes available, energy-saving and environmental protection, pressure and temperature control, high safety, ruggedness, low noise, easy maintenance and so on.
  • It is capable of converting dry ice pellets into dry ice cubes, which is suitable for a variety of cold chain transport, food preservation, special effects production and other fields.
  • Dry ice production machine can also be customized to meet different capacities and specifications, making them ideal for use in both industrial and commercial sectors.

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Technical data of dry ice production machine

Since this dry ice machine is used in the pellet briquetting line, the following are the parameters of this machine for a 500kg/hour line:

Model: SL-800

Output: 700-800kg/hour

Dry ice block specification: L*W*H:125*106*(18-40)mm

Dry ice density: 1450-1550kg/m³

Liquid and solid CO2 conversion ratio: ≥42%

Total power: 14.5kw

Weight: 950KG

Size: 135cm×60cm×155cm

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