Dry Ice Blasting Machine for Sale

dry ice blasting machine for sale

In the industrial and cleaning area, Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine has become highly praised equipment. Shuliy’s dry ice blasting machine for sale has won wide acclaim for its efficient, environmentally friendly, and non-damaging cleaning methods. If you are looking for a revolutionary cleaning solution, Shuliy dry ice blasting machine is a good choice. Welcome to contact me for more information about the dry ice cleaning machine!

Working video of the dry ice machine for cleaning

What’s the dry ice blasting machine?

A dry ice blast cleaner, also known as a dry ice blaster(dry ice cleaner, dry ice pressure washer), is an innovative cleaning device. It uses solid carbon dioxide (dry ice, generally uses the 3mm dry ice pellets as raw materials) to transform it into a high-speed air stream and blast it at extremely high pressure onto the surface being cleaned, quickly removing dirt, grease and other contaminants.

By using the dry ice blasting machine for sale, you can clean a variety of equipment and surfaces in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner while increasing productivity. This innovative cleaning technology is changing the face of the cleaning industry and bringing a whole new experience to your cleaning needs! Thus, if you’re interested in the dry ice blaster, welcome to contact us now for more details!

Features of industrial dry ice blasting machine for sale

  • Flexible adjustment: Adjustable dry ice blasting pressure, particle size and blasting angle to suit different cleaning needs.
  • Automated operation: Equipped with the advanced control system, the cleaning process can be automated, reducing manual intervention.
  • Convenient design: Shuliy dry ice cleaner usually has one nozzle for one machine to clean dirty areas at the same time, improving cleaning efficiency.
  • Safe and reliable: The dry ice blasting machine for sale uses high-quality materials and safety control devices to ensure a safe and reliable operation process.
  • Easy to maintain: The simple structure of the cleaner is easy to maintain and service, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Applications of commercial dry ice blasting machine for sale

Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine is widely used in various industry sectors, including but not limited to:

applications of dry ice blasting machine
applications of dry ice blasting machine

Manufacturing industry: used to clean machinery and equipment, parts, molds, welded surfaces, etc.

Food industry: used to clean production lines, food processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, etc.

Automobile industry: for cleaning engines, chassis, body surfaces, etc.

Medical industry: used to clean surgical instruments, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.

Energy industry: to clean gas turbines, power generation equipment, pipelines, etc.

Advantages of automotive dry ice blasting equipment for sale

  1. No chemical substances: No chemical substances are used in the dry ice cleaning process, which is non-polluting to the environment and meets environmental standards.
  2. No water, no solvent: No water or solvent is needed, avoiding the wastewater and waste liquid disposal problems that may arise from traditional cleaning methods.
  3. Zero damage: dry ice cleaning does not cause surface wear, scratches or corrosion, protecting the quality and appearance of the cleaned items.
  4. Increased efficiency: The dry ice cleaning process is fast and efficient, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  5. Multifunctional: The dry ice blasting machine for sale can be used to clean a wide range of equipment and components for multiple industry sectors.

Spare part of Shuliy dry ice blasting machine for sale

spare parts for dry ice cleaning machine
spare parts for dry ice cleaning machine

Like the dry ice granular machine, our dry ice blasting machine for sale also has accessories, as shown in the picture above, from left to right, in order of gloves, inlet and outlet tubes, gun nozzles, gun handles, and glasses. When you purchase the dry ice car cleaning machine, you can purchase it appropriately according to your needs.

How much is a dry ice cleaner?

You may be curious about how much Shuliy dry ice blasting machine cost? Don’t worry, we offer a wide range of models and configurations to meet different budgets and needs. And, considering your return on investment, a Shuliy dry ice blasting machine for sale will provide you with immeasurable benefits. It saves time and reduces costs while improving the quality of your cleaning.

Shuliy dry ice blasting equipment for sale
Shuliy dry ice blasting equipment for sale

Not only that, but our CO₂ blasting machine is reliable and durable, with comprehensive after-sales service. Contact us for customized solutions and specific pricing. Let Shuliy dry ice maker brings superior cleaning results to your business and help you take off!

How to buy a quality dry ice blast machine?

As a professional dry ice production machine manufacturer & supplier, Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine for sale is your priory choice. Add confidence to your choice by choosing Shuliy dry ice blasting machine for sale!

Firstly, focus on brand reputation. Shuliy has a reputation for superior quality and reliability. Secondly, focus on performance and functionality, as Shuliy dry ice equipment offers high blast pressure, precise control and flexibility. Thirdly, customization options, Shuliy dry blasting machine for sale offers custom sizes and configurations to meet your unique needs. Fourth, quality assurance, Shuliy CO₂ cleaning equipment provides comprehensive warranties and excellent after-sales service. Finally, with the help of user reviews and success stories, learn about the actual results and customer satisfaction of Shuliy’s CO₂ blaster machine.

Choose Shuliy, get quality equipment, and achieve excellent cleaning results! Contact us and start a new era of cleaning!

Technical parameters of Shuliy dry ice blasting machine for sale

Adjustable dry ice dosage(kg/h)0-3
Air supply pressure range5-10bar
Compressed air flow requirement(m³/min)2-3
Power supply220-240VAC, 1ph (50/60HZ), 3amps
dry ice blasting machine parameters

This dry ice blasting equipment has one model with a capacity of 30kg/h, and it can adjust the dry ice dosage according to your needs. And we can customize the voltage to meet your use. If interested, welcome to contact me at any time!

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