In 2023, a business owner in Kosovo learned about the dry ice pellet machine online and became interested in their application. After careful research, he decided to purchase a dry ice pelleting machine and a dry ice cleaning machine for his business.

Background of the Kosovo customer

This customer’s business is a food processing plant that mainly produces baked goods. After production, he should transport the products to the destination. During the delivery, he needs the dry ice pellets to keep food fresh.

Also, During the production process, there is often dirt and grease that is difficult to clean. Using a dry ice machine can effectively remove this dirt and grease without causing damage to the food.

Advantages of our dry ice pellet machine

The dry ice pellet machine produces dry ice pellets, which not only preserve food, but dry ice pellets can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, and glass. It has the advantages of good storage effect, safe and environmental protection.

Dry ice cleaning machines produce a dry ice mist that can be used to clean a variety of crevices and corners, which has the advantages of a good cleaning effect and is easy to operate.

Machine list for Kosovo

50kg/h pellet dry ice making machine1. Capacity: 50KG/h
2. Specification of dry ice granular: Φ3mm
3. Voltage: 380 V 50 HZ 3P
1 pc
Dry ice blasting machine1. Capacity: 30kg
2. Adjustable dry ice dosage: 0-3kg/min
3. Air supply pressure range: 5-10bar
1 pc
dry ice machine parameters for Kosovo

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