dry ice block machine for sale
dry ice block machine for sale

We are proud to have an efficient dry ice block machine for sale to an end customer from India. The customer is a company that requires large quantities of dry ice cubes and they decided to produce their own dry ice to meet the growing demand of their business. They were very concerned about the quality and efficiency of the production process and were looking for a reliable and high-performance dry ice making machine.

Indian client’s requirements for the dry ice block machine for sale

Our Indian customer had a clear need for a dry ice block machine.

Firstly, they need a high-capacity dry ice block machine that can produce a large number of dry ice cubes per hour to meet the fast-growing demand in the market.

Secondly, the customer had strict requirements for the quality of the dry ice cubes. They wanted the product to be of stable quality and meet the relevant standards to ensure that the dry ice would remain in good condition during storage and transportation.

At the same time, customers plan to operate the machine themselves, so they want the dry ice block machine to be designed to be simple and easy to use for operation and maintenance.

Finally, customers value after-sales support and service, and need reliable technical support to ensure that the dry ice cube machine continues to operate efficiently and increase productivity.

Shuliy solution for India

We recommend our high capacity dry ice block machine for sale to India, whose hourly production capacity can meet their needs. With advanced refrigeration technology and precise control system, this dry ice block machine is able to produce high quality dry ice cubes stably. Meanwhile, our dry ice block making machine is easy to operate and equipped with a user-friendly interface, which makes it convenient for customers to get started quickly.

dry ice blocks
dry ice blocks

During the pre-sales consultation stage, our professional sales team communicates closely with customers to understand their needs in detail, and provides a wide range of optional models and configurations to meet the requirements of different production scales and budgets. We also provide the technical parameters and functional introduction of the dry ice cube machine, so that customers can fully understand the performance of the equipment. Finally, the client chose the SL-120 dry ice block machine for sale.

Reference to dry ice block machine parameters for India

dry ice block machine PI for India
dry ice block machine PI for India

Notes to the dry ice block machine for sale:

  1. Payment term: 30% as prepayment and the balance 70% will be paid before delivery.
  2. Production time: 15 days.
  3. Warranty: 3 years.

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  1. I’m looking for dry ice making machine in visakhapatnam,could you please share the prizes(INR) for machines and along with the videos & images .

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