Liquid CO2 Storage Tank

CO2 storage tank

CO2 tanks are a commonly used device for storing liquid carbon dioxide in a wide range of applications. In dry ice machine applications, this equipment is often used in conjunction with dry ice pellet and dry ice block machines for faster and easier production of dry ice pellets and blocks.

What’s the liquid CO2 storage tank?

This CO2 storage tank is mainly for the safe storage and transport of liquid carbon dioxide. It is a high-pressure container designed to withstand the high pressure of carbon dioxide in its liquid state. Also, it’s made of stainless steel. And it’s always connected with the dry ice machine for pellets and block making.

Capacities of liquid CO2 tanks for sale

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of dry ice machine equipment, our co2 storage tank design is available in different types according to capacity. Different types of co2 bottles are suitable for different application scenarios and need to meet the storage and transportation needs of liquid CO2.

The capacity varies in size, specifically 175L,195L,210L,455L.500L,1000L, etc. It depends on your needs.

Advantages of using liquid CO2 tanks

Storage: Good adiabatic properties and high pressure carrying capacity, which can safely store liquid CO2 and keep it in a low-temperature condition.

Transporting: Solid structure, which maintains the stability and safety of liquid CO2 during transportation.

Convenience: Appropriate capacity size for easy storage and use of liquid CO2.

How to use the liquid CO2 storage tank with the dry ice machine?

liquid CO2 tank with dry ice machine

As shown on the left, our Dewar bottles are often used in conjunction with our dry ice machines to help them better produce dry ice pellets or blocks.

Usually, the liquid tank is chosen to match the dry ice machine, and the exact tank to be equipped can be determined by the capacity of the dry ice machine. You can tell our sales manager what you need and our sales manager will provide you with a professional solution according to your needs.

What affects the CO2 storage tank price?

The price of CO2 storage tanks is affected by several factors, including but not limited to capacity, material and quality, market supply and demand, brand and supplier, etc. The price of our liquid co2 tanks is always changing. If you would like to purchase one first, you can contact us and our sales manager will recommend the right one for you based on your needs.

Where to buy the CO2 tank?

Most of the purchases of co2 storage tanks are taken by e-commerce online. Before buying the liquid CO2 storage tank, ensure that the CO2 tank meets your needs, but also choose a reliable supplier. We Shuliy specialize in manufacturing some of these products, so if you need these products, contact us!

Technical parameters of the liquid CO2 storage tank

Geometric volume(L)1751952104555001000
Effictive volume(L)157.5175.5189409.5450920
(no wheels)
(no wheels)
Working pressure(MPa)1.371.371.373.171.352.45
liquid CO2 storage tank specifications

The table above only lists some of the liquid storage tank capacities, but of course, there are other models available, depending on your needs. The larger the capacity, the more you can choose whether you want to be equipped with wheels, which can be easily moved. And the size varies based on models.

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