Recently, a customer in Poland sought superior solutions for his industrial needs and chose Shuliy’s dry ice granulator and cleaning equipment. These powerful machines were customized to his specifications, meeting electrical requirements of 400 volts, 50 Hz and three-phase settings for optimal performance.

testing pellet dry ice maker and blaster for Poland

Customized Shuliy dry ice machine for Poland

Dry ice granulator for pellet size accuracy

Shuliy’s dry ice pellet machine produces consistent 3 mm dry ice pellets, providing customers with high quality and specific sizes for their operations. This precise pellet size ensures efficient use without unnecessary waste.

Versatile dry ice cleaner

The dry ice cleaner is equipped with two nozzles, one square and one round, providing versatile cleaning capabilities. This flexibility allows customers to effectively meet a variety of cleaning requirements for different surfaces and components within their facility.

Machine list for Poland

Dry Ice Pellet MachineDry Ice Pellet Machine
1. Capacity: 40-50KG/H
2. Specification of dry ice granular: Φ3mm-Φ16mm;
3. Power: 3kw
4. Weight: 195KG;
5. Dimensions: 100×50×100cm
1 pc
Dry Ice BlasterDry Ice Blaster
1. Capacity: 30kg
2. Adjustable dry ice dosage: 0-3kg/min
3. Air supply pressure range: 5-10bar
4. Compressed air flow requirement: 2-3m³/min
5. Weight: 65kg
6. Dimensions: 60×40×70cm
7. Power supply: 220-240VAC, 1ph (50/60HZ), 3amps
8. Power: 400W
With one extra nozzle
1 pc
machine list for Poland

The dry ice granulator and dry ice cleaner are both packed in wooden cases when delivered. After receiving the machines, he started to use the equipment to boost in the dry ice industry.

Feedback on dry ice machine from Poland

This customer was satisfied with the stable operation of the dry ice granulator and the fulfillment of his 3mm dry ice needs. He found the flexibility of the cleaner’s two different nozzle designs to be very practical, adapting and responding well to cleaning different surfaces. As a result, the customer was satisfied with the performance and flexibility of the equipment, and expressed an interest in working together again when the opportunity arose.

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