dry ice cleaning machine
dry ice cleaning machine

Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine is an advanced cleaning equipment, using the high-speed spray and evaporation characteristics of dry ice particles, which can quickly and effectively remove surface dirt and deposits. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, dry ice cleaning does not require water or chemical cleaning agents, does not produce secondary pollution, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and environmental protection. Thus, this dry ice blasting machine is widely used in many areas.

Auto repair industry: main field of the dry ice cleaning machine

The dry ice cleaner can easily remove oil, asphalt, glue, paint marks and other dirt from vehicle surfaces without disassembling parts or using harmful chemicals. Dry ice cleaning does not leave residue, which can improve the efficiency of repair and keep the appearance of the vehicle clean and beautiful.

Manufacturing field: frequently used

Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine can clean the surface of metal parts, molds, equipment, such as oil, oxides, welding slag and other dirt to restore its original finish and function. Using dry ice blasting does not require disassembly of equipment, will not lead to equipment damage or wear, can reduce production downtime and improve production efficiency.

Food processing industry

The dry ice blasting machine thoroughly cleans and sanitizes food production equipment, removes residues and bacteria, and ensures the sanitary safety of products. Since dry ice cleaning does not involve water or chemicals, it avoids the risk of food cross-contamination and meets food safety standards.

Pharmaceutical field

The dry ice cleaning machine can be used to clean and disinfect medical equipment, instruments and worktops to ensure a clean and sterile medical environment. Dry ice blasting can effectively remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, reducing the risk of cross-infection and protecting patient health and safety.

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The wide applications of the dry ice cleaning machine are used makes them a great cleaning tool for all industries. Whether it is parts cleaning in the automotive industry, equipment cleaning in the food industry, or hygiene maintenance in the medical industry, the dry ice cleaning machine is shown excellent performance and effectiveness.

Shuliy dry ice blasting equipment for sale
Shuliy dry ice blasting equipment for sale

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