dry ice block making machine
dry ice block making machine

Recently, one client from Russia bought 2 sets of dry ice block making machine and 60 sets of cooling containers from Shuliy Machinery. As a professional dry ice machine manufacturer and supplier, we provide quality dry ice maker to our customers.

Introduction to this Russian client

This customer has his own dry ice company, which is making dry ice and frozen products. He had bought dry ice machines from other countries before. Due to the need to grow his business, he needed to look for more dry ice production machines and related equipment.

Why did he buy the dry ice block making machine for Russia?

As mentioned above, he has a Russian Dry Ice Company that specializes in the production and distribution of dry ice and frozen products. As a key player in the industry, his company is committed to providing quality freezing solutions to its customers. And they were looking for a more cost-effective and reliable supplier to better support the business.

Design a great dry ice solution for this Russian client

Based on the customer’s needs, we provided this client with our advanced dry ice machine which has been carefully designed and manufactured to meet the high standards of their production needs. Our dry ice block making machine uses advanced technology and innovative processes to efficiently produce dry ice blocks, ensuring product quality and productivity.

In addition, we supply a large number of dry ice cooling containers that are made of high-quality materials and advanced insulation technology to effectively keep the dry ice cold and extend the life of the dry ice. The customer is very satisfied with our dry ice storage container, and their products are more secure and reliable during transportation and storage.

Machine list for Russia

dry ice machine PI
dry ice machine PI

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